Plays, etc.

-30- (Full-length play)
Kasey and Rebecca promised to be best friends forever. However, they lose touch after high school when Rebecca chooses New York and Kasey chooses small-town Texas. Twelve years later, days before Rebecca’s 30th birthday, the old friends unexpectedly reconnect and confront past and present crises. -30- examines the notion of childhood friends in the age of social media stalking and the disconnect between what you thought your life would be, what you want your life to be, and what your life really is. (2F, 2M)

Rom.Dot.Com (Web series)
Inspired by an actual Craigslist ad, Rom.Dot.Com is an “unromantic” comedy web series about Kate, an unemployed, 20-something journalist living in her quirky (and marriage-minded) grandmother’s basement who’s forced to take the only writing job she can find: ghostwriting online dating profiles.

The Modern Virgin’s Guide to Sex and Marriage (Series of three 10-min. plays, 2F, 1M)
Reading with Distilled Theatre Company, September 2013

  • Birds and Bees (10-min. play): Two extremely conservative (and sexually frustrated) parents attempt to explain how babies are made to their young daughter. (1M, 1F)
  • Hot Wax (10-min. play): Amanda has been saving herself for marriage and goes to get her first-ever Brazilian before her wedding day. When she meets Russian aesthetician Olga at an off-brand salon, she learns more than she ever wanted to know about love and life. (2F)
  • Just Married (10-min. play): Amanda and Brad just got married and are on their way to their reception. They’ll learn more about each other in this 10-minute limo ride than they have during their entire relationship so far. (1M, 1F)

Untitled Robot Musical Project (Musical – In process)
Co-lyricist and co-book writer with David Gordon, Music by Sarah Taylor Ellis
The town’s celebrity has just been murdered, and the town’s trusty auto-mechanic is the prime suspect. Good town girl–and lawyer–Constance must get to the bottom of this case. The only trouble is, the mechanic harbors a massive crush on her from high school. Will Constance choose love or justice? And can she solve the case before robots take over the town? Find out in this science fiction murder mystery musical comedy!

East to West (Screenplay – In process)
When his father threatens to disown him, Tristan Townsend, the heir to a major Manhattan media empire, is forced to enroll in university after years of galavanting and tarnishing his family’s name and reputation. He forms an unlikely friendship with an impoverished woman from Harlem when she agrees to write his college essays for him in exchange for him protecting her safety.